P. N. Das College

Accredited by NAAC (Grade-B)
Santinagar, Palta, Kolkata, West Bengal 743122

P. N. Das College

Accredited by NAAC (Grade-B)
Santinagar, Palta, Kolkata, West Bengal 743122

Learning Outcome

One of the principles of Gandhiji’s approach to curriculum and teaching methods in education was that he spoke of integrated curriculum and correlation in teaching different subjects, i.e. realizing that there is an interrelationship between all subjects. So it can be said about the subject of Education that it is a subject where concept about many subject can be found like Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Statistics, and Sociology etc. Since education is a social process, many important issues related to social life have taken place in this subject, which has made education relevant to our lives.

Studying Education subject is just sounds like to knowing education itself. As a degree, students will learn about different aspects of education like-history, philosophy, cognitive psychology, sociology, economics of education, human development, statistics, guidance and counseling, mental hygiene, research methodology, teaching strategies, educational provision of special learners, environmental issues, value and ethics etc. i.e. it covered wide range of disciplines.

An Education degree will help develop learning skills as well as teaching skills such as problem solving learning, oral and written communication, observational skill, Interpersonal skill, experimental learning, teamwork, research, time management, discipline, self management, building an ideal philosophy of life, self realization, ICT skills, how to create learning environment, understanding the psychological aspects of students, and making institutional planning, professional ethics. As a subject Education helps both student and teacher in continuous skill development and provides guidance in living a healthy life in social environment. Students can develop their own perspectives, interpretation, and understanding of other perspectives, values and attitude. They also can aware and understand of people, culture, societies and their environmental, socio-economical, political factors, and their impacts on child’s developments, society and educational policy, think about the education for children with special needs and they also become aware their responsibility and role towards society.

Honours course outcomes

Honours course in Education offered the both theoretical and practical curriculum. While the theoretical part helps in acquiring knowledge about the subject related to education, on other hand the practicum includes those activities where students can develop their skills by observation, experiential, problem solving learning such a DTP operation, statistical analysis, presentation skill, survey, team work etc.

Higher education

Candidates who have interred this B.A course in Education (both Honours and General) may also do Post Graduation course in Education or a related Social science in research, theory, and policies of Education. After completion of P.G degree they can apply to the teachers training course like B.Ed and M.Ed or they may apply other higher degree like M.Phil or Ph.D .

Employment prospects

Various job opportunities like -

  • Primary School teacher
  • Secondary School teacher
  • College teacher( Both General degree college and B.Ed College)
  • Special Educator
  • Adult education worker
  • Curriculum design/developer
  • Educational policy making adviser
  • Involved with different NGOs
  • Researcher Assistant
  • School Inspector
  • Child care Director
  • Educational Administrator
  • Educational Software and Policy Developer

And also they can able to engage in -

  • Civil Service
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Public relations
  • UPSC & WBCS and other Govt. job
  • Counselor/ Careers adviser
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