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News : Instructions for SEM-I Online Examination of 2022 (WBSU) & List of email addresses of the Departments for submission of answer scripts.
Published On 1/3/2022

P.N. Das College

Examination Committee

WBSU Sem-I (Online) Eaminations-2022

Guidelines for Candidates

1.  You may download the Question Paper before half an hour of the commencement of the examination from the University website by putting in your registration number.

2.      You will also get the Questions papers forwarded to your Whatsapp Group before 30 minutes of the commencement of the Examination.

3.  The students must carry their ADMIT CARD, If they choose to personally collect the hard copy of the Question paper.

4.  If an Authorized Representative comes for collecting the Question Paper, he must carry an Authorization letter in duplicate along with a copy of the Admit card. A copy of which will be retained by the department.

5.  The student/ authorized representative must put on his signature on receipt of the Question paper.

6.    Students may write the answer on plain A4 size sheet.


7.    Front page must be filled up with the following MANDATORY INFORMATION:


a)  B.A/B.Sc/B.Com/


b)  Sem


c)  Hons./Gen.


d)  Roll No.


e)  Registration No.


f)  Subject


g)  Paper Code


h)  Date of Examination

8.  The Answer Sheet may also be scanned and uploaded as per the DEMONSTRATION by the teachers.

9.  The answer sheet may be submitted Online positively within one hour of the conclusion of the examination to the E-mail Id provided by the respective departments. For submission, whether online or offline, contact the Departmental Teachers. For online submission, upload a Soft Copy of the Admit Card along with the scanned Answer Sheet.

10.  Alternatively, answer scripts may be physically submitted within one hour of the conclusion of the examination.

11.  A student or his authorized representative entering the college must wear MASK properly. They have to maintain PHYSICAL DISTANCING as well and follow strictly the Covid protocol.

12.  For Offline submission, the Answer Script must be put in a sealed envelope. Student must write the mandatory information as mentioned in Point No. 7 on the envelope. The envelope must contain a photocopy of Admit Card along with the Answer Script.

13.  There must be proper Page Numbering of the Answer Scripts.


14.  Proper margin must be given in the answer scripts.


15.  For Online submission use only Black pen and write on only one side of the paper.


16.  For any query contact Departmental Teachers.


17.  Answer must be in your own words.


18.  For any update of information from WBSU, follow the Whatsapp group created by the Department and WBSU website.

19.  Preserve both the hard copy and the soft copy of the answer sheet after online submission till result is out.

#Ensure that your Whatsapp Number is included in the departmental Whatsapp Group. #Learn to attach file in E-mail beforehand.

#Students are advised to keep ready the top sheet filled up with mandatory information.



List of email addresses of the Departments for submission of answer scripts :-


Sl. No.


Email Address








 Political Science














 Computer Science






 Physical Education






 Environmental  Studies   (ENVS)

              For SEM-I (Hons.) ->

                            For SEM-I (Gen.) ->


 English LCC (ENGLCOR02T)






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