P. N. Das College

Accredited by NAAC (Grade-B)
Santinagar, Palta, Kolkata, West Bengal 743122

P. N. Das College

Accredited by NAAC (Grade-B)
Santinagar, Palta, Kolkata, West Bengal 743122

College Activities

Professional Development Programmes

Intellectual Property Rights Seminar on 20.07.2019
1ints 2ints 3ints
Workshop on Language Skills for Communication Teaching LSRW in ESL 07.08.2019
1langskills 2langskills 3langskills
Seminar on Environmental Audit in HEIs Framework and Implementation 29.08.2019
1envadts 2envadts 3envadts
State level Seminar on Student Satisfaction Survey 14.09.2019
1ststuds 2ststuds 3ststuds
Series of Workshops on E-module Development 25/11/2019
1wemods 2wemods
Training for Virtual Class 07.01.2020
1varts 2varts 3varts
Strategic Approaches to Revised Accreditation Framework 12.02.2020
1sarafs 2sarafb
Intellectual Property Rights 18.05.2020
1intells 2intells 3intells
Three(3) Day Workshop on Teaching Learning and e-Resources 06th,08th & 09th June 2020
1threewos 2threewos 3threewos

Programmes for Students

1. College Foundation Day 20.08.2019
1colfouns 2colfouns 3colfouns
2. Teachers Day Celebration 05.09.2019
1teachdes 2teachdes 3teachdes
3. Earn While You Learn Nov 2019
1ernlerns 2ernlerns 3ernlerns
4. Programme on Cancer Awareness 28.11.2019
1progcans 2progcans 3progcans
5. Thalassemia Awareness 04.12.2019
1thalases 2thalases 3thalases
6. Christmas Day Celebrations 24.12.2019
1xmasss 2xmasss 3xmasss
7. Republic Day Celebrations 26.01.2020
1repubs 2repubs 3repubs
8. Visit to Kolkata Port Trust 30.01.2020
1vitkols 2vitkols 3vitkols
9. Career Fair 15.02.2020
1caris 2caris
10. International Mother Language Day 21.02.2020
1inmoths 2inmoths 3inmoths
11. Annual Athletic Meet 27.02.2020
1anumets 2anumets
12. Dengue and Chickengunya Programme 29.02.2020
1nsss 2nssatts 3nsss
13. Workshop on Self Defence 06.03.2020
1wrkselfs 2wrkselfs 3wrkselfs
14. Dengue Awareness Programme 08.03.2019
1dengawrs 2dengawrs 3dengawrs
15. Quiz Competition 13.03.2020
1quizcoms 2quizcoms 3quizcoms
16. Workshop on Psychological Counselling 18.06.2020
1phywebs 2phywebs
17. International Yoga Day 21.06.2020
1yogaints 2yogaints 3yogaints

Photos of Departmental Activities

Deptt. of Bengali:


1bnga-s 2bnga-s

Deptt. of English :

1enga-s 2enga-s 3enga-s

Deptt. of History :

1hisa-s 2hisa-s 3hisa-s

Deptt. of Political Science:

1plsa-s 2plsa-s 3plsa-s

Deptt. of Philosophy :

1phig-s 2phig-s

Deptt. of Mathematics :

1mtmg-s 2mtmg-s 3mtmg-s

Deptt. of Economics :

1ecog-s 2ecog-s 3ecog-s

Deptt. of Education :

1edca-s 2edca-s 3edca-s

Deptt. of Physical Education :

1pedg-s 2pedg-s 3pedg-s

Deptt. of Sanskrit :

1sang-s 2sang-s 3sang-s

Deptt. of Commerce :

1acct-s 2acct-s 3acct-s

Deptt. of Chemistry :


Deptt. of Physics:

1phsg-s 2phsg-s
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