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(JANUARY 2024)

P. N. Das College


Electoral Literacy Club

1. About us:

Electoral Literacy Club (ELC), P.N. Das College, was set up, in accordance with ECI guidelines, in the college to promote electoral literacy in all age groups of the Indian citizens, especially, students of the institution, through engaging and interesting activities and hands-on experience but in an apolitical, neutral and non-partisan manner.

The institutional Electoral Literacy Club was also set up with the specific objective of targeting the new voters, (in the age-group of 18-21 years old) pursuing their graduation. All the regular students of the institution are members of the club.

2. Objectives:

The objectives of the ELC, as stated in the ECI guidelines, and keeping the needs at the institutional and local levels in mind, are:

  • To identify students of the 18+ age-group who have not registered for inclusion of their names in the electoral rolls, and encourage and assist them, in the process of voter registration.
  • To educate the targeted populations, in the college and the locality, about voter registration, electoral process and related matters through hands on experience;
  • To facilitate EVM and VVPAT familiarization and education about the robustness of EVM as well as the integrity of the electoral process using EVMs;
  • To help the target audience understand the value of their vote and exercise their right to franchise in a confident, comfortable and ethical manner;
  • To harness the potential of ELC members for carrying the electoral literacy in communities;
  • To develop a culture of electoral participation and maximize the informed and ethical voting and follow the principle 'Every vote counts' and 'No Voter to be Left Behind'.

3. Membership:

The club will have all regular students as its members.

4. Structure:

The ELC will be coordinated by two Nodal Officers, who are also teachers of the Political Science department. They shall also act as Mentors of the ELC. Teachers with experience of election duty will be preferred for the post(s) of Nodal Officer(s). All students of the college will be ordinary members of the club.

The Nodal Officers shall focus on:

  • I. Promoting and supervising Club enrollment.
  • II. Supervising the election and formation of the Executive Committee of ELC.
  • III. Coordinating between the District Election Officer and the ELC for exchange of resources, information etc.
  • IV. Attempt generating new resources and forward the same to the District Election Officer.
  • V. Guiding and supervising the development of the calendar of activities for the year by the Executive Council.
    • i. Organizing the Club enrolment
    • ii. Planning activities for the ELC and developing the calendar of activities for the year
    • iii. Framing further guidelines for smooth conduct of ELC activities
    • iv. Supervising the conduct of activities as per the calendar
    • v. Generating ELC resources
    • vi. Facilitating the enrollment of students not registered as voters
  • Nodal Officer will be free to engage the Executive Committee Members in the operations of the ELC.

    5. Executive Committee:

    However, the Executive Committee shall include, apart from the Co-ordinators, at least three other teachers, and at least four students representing all the semesters. The First Executive Committee shall be nominated by the Principal, in consultation with the Governing Body, for a period of one year, subsequent to which all teacher-members shall be nominated by the Principal, and student members elected by the respective classes, for a period of one year, after which students shall elect the student members of the Executive Committee.

    The club would be run by an elected body from amongst the ELC member students with elected representatives from each of the classes.

    The committee members can only be students who are already enrolled as voters.

    The committee must not include any politically active student. However, students with political affiliations may enroll themselves as common members of the ELC itself.

    The elected representatives shall constitute the Executive Committee of the ELC.

    The elected representatives will elect one of the representatives as its Chairman and another as Vice Chairman.

    The Executive Committee, under the guidance, consultation and supervision of the Nodal Officer will be responsible for organizing the activities of the ELC.

    The elected body shall endeavour to generate the culture of electoral participation amongst the ELC members and will have the following role:

    6. Activities:

    An Annual Calendar of activities shall be prepared by the Executive Committee, at the beginning of each session, in tune with ECI guidelines and instructions, if any, of the DEO, North 24 Parganas.

    Designation Name
    Nodal Officers: Dr. Thakurdas Tudu
    Sri. Sukumar Sarkar
Designation Name
Teacher Members : Sri S.R. Bandyopadhyay
Dr. Chandan Sarkar
Sri. Goutam Biswas
Designation Name
Student Members : Nayan Chakraborty
Ayan Majhi
Rohit Maity
Sneha Kumari Shaw
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