P. N. Das College

Accredited by NAAC (Grade-B)
Santinagar, Palta, P.O. Bengal Enamel, 24 Pgs. (N.)

P. N. Das College

Accredited by NAAC (Grade-B)
Santinagar, Palta, P.O. Bengal Enamel, 24 Pgs. (N.)

Internal Complaints Committee

As per the guidelines of UGC, NAAC and the Supreme Court, P.N. Das college has established the Internal Complaints Committee for effective enforcement of basic human rights of gender equality and assurance of an environment, free of sexual harassment and abuse. The committee addresses complaints such as discriminatory behavior and sexual harassment lodged by any member of the college which he or she observes or become aware of. The committee also advice the authority to take necessary remedial actions including punishment against the offender. The ICC consists of representatives from the faculty members, non-teaching staff, students and local community.


The Objectives of the ICC is to develop healthy and safe atmosphere for the faculty and students of the College and to prevent sexual harassment or exploitation of any kind.The ICC is formed mainly to execute the prevention of sexual harassment policy outlined by the UGC/Supreme Court. Therefore, the committee upholds the following objectives:

  • To prevent and prohibit incidents of sexual harassment of female employees and students in the college.
  • To sensitize the female employees and students about the fundamental rights to have a safe and healthy environment in the college.


Measures and procedures are laid down to combat sexual harassment, if any arises and the students are made aware of these proactive measures through seminars and outreach programmes. The college’s Internal Complaints Committee addresses the grievances filed in a confidential and sensitive manner If any student approaches a committee member either through the complaint box kept in front of the college office or by telephone, necessary action is taken through counselling and conciliatory methods. If it requires an inquiry it will be conducted and the matter will be sorted as soon as possible. The Committee will take the responsibility to ensure that no such incident happens in the campus.


Since the ICC is formed to look into the matter of internal complaints, it has exclusive power to receive and address complaints from any of the female members of students, teaching and non teaching staff of the college.


  • The authority will forward it to ICC for necessary step.
  • The ICC will look into the matter (s)/ incidents (s) in a meeting and adopt resolution for conducting an enquiry into the incident (s).
  • Refer the case(s) to the college authority in case of serious· offence.
  • Refer the case(s) to the legal authority by the college authority· if needed.

Action Plan:

  • The Cell will counsel the affected students to overcome the trauma.
  • It will display current laws and affairs about sexual harassment and gender discrimination in key places
  • It will conduct awareness programs and campaigns for the benefit of the students and staff.
Prof. Kakoli Sen Banerjee
Presiding Officer
Dr. S. Hossain Member
Dr. M. Lahiri Member
Sri Anjan Bhattacharya Advocate & External Member
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